Vehicle Repairs and Diagnostics

Fraser’s Auto Service can service all makes and models of cars, vans or trucks.

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Located just outside the perimeter from Sage Creek (off Highway 59).

Vehicle Repairs

From simple oil changes and tire rotations, to more complex engine repairs and electrical diagnostics, auto repair is an essential part of keeping any vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road.

Auto Service

When your car or truck any kind of requires service, count on Fraser's Auto Service to be your trustworthy auto service provider who can diagnose and repair any issues your vehicle may be experiencing.

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics is a service that utilizes advanced scanning tools to identify and troubleshoot issues within the engine, allowing for accurate diagnosis and targeted repairs.

Manitoba Safety Inspection

Ensure your vehicle meets all safety requirements for the roads of Manitoba. Book your safety inspection with us today, and let our experienced technicians provide you with reliable and professional service.

Suspension and Steering Repairs

Suspension services focus on maintaining a smooth and comfortable ride by ensuring the proper functioning of the suspension system. This involves replacing shock absorbers, struts, springs, and other components as needed. Additionally, repairs and adjustments are made to control arms, ball joints, steering linkage, and tie rod ends. Wheel bearings are inspected and replaced if necessary, and the suspension system is aligned and adjusted for optimal performance.

  • Shock absorber and strut replacement
  • Suspension spring and coil replacement
  • Control arm and ball joint repairs
  • Steering linkage and tie rod end replacements
  • Wheel bearing inspection and replacement
  • Suspension system alignment and adjustments

Brake Service and Installation

Brake services encompass the inspection, maintenance, and replacement of various components in the braking system. This includes checking and replacing brake pads, rotors, and calipers, as well as conducting brake fluid flushes and addressing issues with the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). Upgrades for enhanced performance and safety can also be carried out.

  • Inspection and replacement of brake pads, rotors, and calipers
  • Brake fluid flush and replacement
  • Brake system diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) repairs and maintenance
  • Brake line and hose repairs
  • Brake system upgrades for enhanced performance and safety

Tune-ups or Major Engine Repairs

Tune-up services focus on optimizing engine performance and fuel efficiency. This includes replacing spark plugs, ignition wires, and air filters, as well as cleaning or replacing fuel injectors and adjusting ignition timing. Other tasks involve PCV valve replacement and throttle body cleaning and adjustment.

  • Replacement of spark plugs and ignition wires
  • Cleaning or replacement of air filter
  • Fuel system cleaning and injector inspection
  • Inspection and adjustment of ignition timing
  • PCV valve replacement
  • Throttle body cleaning and adjustment

Air Conditioning Repairs and Checks

Air conditioning services encompass the inspection, cleaning, and repair of components within the A/C system. This includes detecting and repairing refrigerant leaks, evacuating and recharging the refrigerant, and inspecting the compressor, condenser, blower motor, and fan. The climate control system is diagnosed and repaired to restore optimal cooling performance.

  • Inspection and cleaning of air conditioning system components
  • Refrigerant leak detection and repairs
  • Evacuation and recharging of refrigerant
  • Compressor and condenser inspections
  • Blower motor and fan repairs
  • Climate control system diagnostics and repairs

Fuel System Service

Fuel service involves the inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the fuel system. This includes cleaning the fuel system, replacing the fuel filter, and performing fuel pressure testing.

  • Fuel system inspection and cleaning
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Fuel pressure testing and diagnostics
  • Injector cleaning or replacement
  • Throttle body cleaning
  • Inspection of fuel lines and hoses for leaks

Alignment and Wheel Balancing

Alignment services involve the measurement and adjustment of wheel angles, including toe, camber, and caster, to ensure proper tire wear and handling. Suspension components that affect alignment are inspected, and misaligned steering wheels are corrected. Alignment settings are adjusted as needed for improved handling and tire life, and alignment checks are conducted after suspension repairs or modifications.

  • Measurement and adjustment of wheel angles (toe, camber, and caster)
  • Inspection of suspension components affecting alignment
  • Correction of misaligned steering wheel
  • Inspection of tire wear patterns
  • Adjustment of alignment settings for improved handling and tire life
  • Alignment check after suspension repairs or modifications

Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust services involve the repair and replacement of various parts in the exhaust system. This includes addressing issues with exhaust pipes, mufflers, and catalytic converters, as well as conducting repairs on exhaust manifolds and resolving exhaust leaks. Diagnostic tests are performed on O2 sensors, and upgrades can be made to improve performance and sound.

  • Exhaust pipe and muffler replacement
  • Catalytic converter inspection and replacement
  • Exhaust manifold repairs
  • Exhaust system leak detection and repairs
  • O2 sensor diagnostics and replacements
  • Exhaust system upgrades for improved performance and sound

Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics services utilize advanced scanning tools to identify and troubleshoot issues within the engine. Fault codes are analyzed, and ignition system problems are diagnosed and repaired. Fuel system diagnostics and repairs are conducted, along with tests such as compression and leak-down tests. Engine performance analysis and tuning are also part of the service.

  • Computerized scanning and diagnosis of engine issues
  • Identification of fault codes and troubleshooting
  • Ignition system inspection and repairs
  • Fuel system diagnostics and repairs
  • Compression and leak-down tests
  • Engine performance analysis and tuning


Fraser’s Auto Service offers comprehensive transmission services for both cars and trucks, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the transmission system. Our skilled technicians are experienced in diagnosing and addressing a wide range of transmission issues, providing reliable solutions for our customers in Winnipeg.
  • Transmission fluid flush and replacement, promoting smooth shifting and proper lubrication
  • Inspection and adjustment of the clutch, ensuring efficient power transfer
  • Detection and repair of transmission leaks, preventing fluid loss and potential damage
  • Diagnosis and resolution of gear shifting issues, restoring proper functionality
  • Transmission rebuild or replacement, if necessary, to address major transmission failures
  • Torque converter inspection and repairs, optimizing power transmission and efficiency